I first met Sam and Katelen, along with Katelen's son Chayse, back in 2020 for a model call to help me build my new photography business with some fresh portraiture photos. I would never have imagined what would come from a simple free photo session.

Sam and Katelen seemed like your every day couple, with so much love in their eyes. They were both naturals in front of the camera so much so that before I even asked them to do a specific pose, they were already there. For one of my first couple shoots, these guys were perfect. They made my job as a photographer easier and I felt nothing but admiration for the pair. Chayse was also a dream to work with, so full of energy and such a poser in front of the camera.

As we were nearing the end of the session I learnt that Sam was on Farmer Wants a Wife that very year, and that Sam had actually proposed to Katelen at that very same spot. Their relationship saw a bit of controversy as Katelen was not the woman from the show, but there was no denying that Sam definitely found his wife.

After our session had ended and I passed on their gallery I expected that to be the end of our interactions. I was shocked when in January 2021 I got a message from Sam asking if I wanted to be the photographer for their wedding, I was over the moon, something I never expected to have come from doing a model call.

So there we are on the 31st of March at Castaways Resort, Mission Beach for Sam and Katelen's wedding. It was only a small wedding of family members and some very close friends but the wedding was just beautiful. They solidified their love for one another in holy matrimony, something I will forever be grateful to them for, not only to be given the honour of capturing their special day, but just to be present and witness their Wedding.

The ceremony was such a beautiful event and their vows were so heart-felt that neither of them could help but get choked up while saying them. The most beautiful part of the ceremony was when Sam spoke his vows to Chayse, Katelen's son. Not a single eye was dry, nor could the bride or groom help but to let out some tears

The love that Sam and Katelen share is evident and is forever growing. Now their life together begins, as they begin to grow their family. Katelen is 4 months pregnant, from the time of writing this page, and I look forward to seeing how much their love grows when they welcome their baby girl to the world.